Hurricane Harvey Relief


On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the central Texas coast as a Category 4 storm. The full impact of this hurricane harveydevastating event are still unfolding as rain continues to fall and countless areas remain flooded. As of right now Harvey has claimed 30 lives and thousands of homes with 31,000 residents currently displaced. For the residents of Texas, this catastrophe is far from over as the Long Term Recovery phase of this event has yet to start and will go on for 5-10 years. Appreciation Matters is committed to assisting our friends in Texas in every way possible. Appreciation Matters will deploy teams in early September to assist with supply gathering, mold remediation materials, home repairs, temporary housing, and disaster case management.

We’ve partnered up with local Houston mold removal contractors Asbestos Ace to help with the repair and water damage efforts to residential and commercial buildings.

Please support this effort with a donation for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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