How this Asbestos Company served its Local Community

asbestos-volunteerDo you think it is possible that regular, everyday folks with regular, everyday jobs get a bit of appreciation for a job well done? In the climate of online reviews that can sink a small business, it is rare to see people go out of their way to show gratitude and appreciation for good work. That is why this review from this company here stands out so much.

My friend runs that company which also does mold remediation in Atlanta and recently she and her team were contracted to remove the toxic substance from a closed down school. The city had plans to reuse part of the original structure in order to keep the design integrity of the neighborhood. Everyone knew it was a long shot and some wondered why the city did not just tear down the old school and rebuild something modern in its place.

With all these uphill issues, you might wonder why my friend choose to take on the job in the first place. My friend has been in “unconventional” careers for women for a long time. So she is not new to people underestimating her abilities. She started out in the construction world, then moved to owning her own contracting company. Shortly after, she saw a need for asbestos testing in Atlanta and decided to add on to her business by offering the service to homeowners and commercial contractors as well.

It’s that drive that makes the appreciation letter she got all the more special. Once the school was re-opened, some of the teachers had their students write thank you letters to the people who participated in making sure the community kept its school so children would not have to be bussed to another part of the city. Some parents even sent in thank you letters as well. While most folks would not think about all the “little people” who helped make the school’s re-opening a reality, it was pretty cool to see how much the actions of everyone involved were highlighted and shown appreciation by the community.