Community Service in Solar Panel Installation

austin tx solar panelSolar installation companies have trained staff to install residential and commercial solar energy projects. However, even this industry uses volunteers to help get projects done. Volunteers share their time, enthusiasm, and effort to assist with solar panel installations. A volunteer workforce helps keep solar installation costs down, helping people who otherwise could not practically afford solar adopt it.

Because I am interested in renewable energy, I decided to participate in an orientation session training to install solar panels in Austin, TX. In the training session, I learned the basics of solar, electricity, and construction. I was excited to begin working on an actual job site. Our team was partnered with an Austin, TX solar company to work on a residential project for a local family. We were able to put into practice what we learned in our volunteer training sessions. Doing things like attaching racking, running conduit, hanging inverters, and mounting the solar panels, our volunteer efforts were key in getting the job done.

After talking to my solar installation supervisor, I found out that volunteering on solar projects is something more and more people are doing in the Austin, TX area. That is because people here are environmentally conscious and excited about doing something constructive for the community.

Volunteer work is about more than personal satisfaction. It is about working with other people who care about a common goal and helping each other to accomplish something worthwhile and tangible. Of course, the solar industry is booming with jobs that require practical skill so many volunteers are drawn to the practical experience they gain and the opportunity to apply it beyond these projects as well. Sometimes volunteering is the first step towards a solar energy career. In fact, my site supervisor was once a solar volunteer. Pretty cool!