Boca Raton Surgeons Donate

Did you know that some plastic surgeons donate their expertise to patients with medical conditions requiring cosmetic surgery? The catch is that the procedure has to be a medical necessity and the person must be unable to afford the surgery. That’s what I discovered at this Boca Raton Cosmetic Surgery office. For most people, the cost of any medical procedure is out of reach without assistance. In many cases, a person can obtain insurance privately or through their employer to help cover medical costs. In other cases, state aid plans like Medicaid can close the gap for individuals who make less than a certain amount per year.

boca raton, FL cosmetic surgeryDonating cosmetic surgery is not big business. Why? Because even the most seemingly basic procedures cost can cost a small fortune. Even though it is not done often or advertised much, donating plastic surgery procedures is a way for surgeons to give back to those in their community who need it most. Some of the most common candidates for free plastic surgery include former abuse victims, children in need of corrective surgery, war veterans with combat injuries and more.

For the everyday person, no-cost cosmetic surgery is not an option. So instead of trying to scour Google to find ways to get cosmetic surgery for free, it’s best to start saving up to get exactly what you want at the price-point that will secure you a good doctor. There are many things to skimp on, but plastic surgery is not one of them.

Once you have secured your costs, schedule a consultation in your area to learn more about any hidden fees associated with the surgery that you may have missed during your initial research. Remember, cosmetic surgery is not covered by medical insurance (expect in the case of medical necessity, which varies by insurance) and is considered a luxury item paid for through discretionary income. The more knowledgeable and informed you are about pricing, the better the chances you’ll get access to a higher quality surgeon with established credentials. Of course, that usually means better results.


After it’s all said and done and you had a great experience, talk to your doctor about donating his or her services to a less fortunate person in true need of plastic surgery to enhance the quality of their lives. You will have not only gotten something valuable from the procedure, but potentially gifted someone else the chance to enjoy the same feeling…for free.