Hurricane Harvey Relief


On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the central Texas coast as a Category 4 storm. The full impact of this hurricane harveydevastating event are still unfolding as rain continues to fall and countless areas remain flooded. As of right now Harvey has claimed 30 lives and thousands of homes with 31,000 residents currently displaced. For the residents of Texas, this catastrophe is far from over as the Long Term Recovery phase of this event has yet to start and will go on for 5-10 years. Appreciation Matters is committed to assisting our friends in Texas in every way possible. Appreciation Matters will deploy teams in early September to assist with supply gathering, mold remediation materials, home repairs, temporary housing, and disaster case management.

We’ve partnered up with local Houston mold removal contractors Asbestos Ace to help with the repair and water damage efforts to residential and commercial buildings.

Please support this effort with a donation for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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How this Asbestos Company served its Local Community

asbestos-volunteerDo you think it is possible that regular, everyday folks with regular, everyday jobs get a bit of appreciation for a job well done? In the climate of online reviews that can sink a small business, it is rare to see people go out of their way to show gratitude and appreciation for good work. That is why this review from this company here stands out so much.

My friend runs that company which also does mold remediation in Atlanta and recently she and her team were contracted to remove the toxic substance from a closed down school. The city had plans to reuse part of the original structure in order to keep the design integrity of the neighborhood. Everyone knew it was a long shot and some wondered why the city did not just tear down the old school and rebuild something modern in its place.

With all these uphill issues, you might wonder why my friend choose to take on the job in the first place. My friend has been in “unconventional” careers for women for a long time. So she is not new to people underestimating her abilities. She started out in the construction world, then moved to owning her own contracting company. Shortly after, she saw a need for asbestos testing in Atlanta and decided to add on to her business by offering the service to homeowners and commercial contractors as well.

It’s that drive that makes the appreciation letter she got all the more special. Once the school was re-opened, some of the teachers had their students write thank you letters to the people who participated in making sure the community kept its school so children would not have to be bussed to another part of the city. Some parents even sent in thank you letters as well. While most folks would not think about all the “little people” who helped make the school’s re-opening a reality, it was pretty cool to see how much the actions of everyone involved were highlighted and shown appreciation by the community.…

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Community Service in Solar Panel Installation

austin tx solar panelSolar installation companies have trained staff to install residential and commercial solar energy projects. However, even this industry uses volunteers to help get projects done. Volunteers share their time, enthusiasm, and effort to assist with solar panel installations. A volunteer workforce helps keep solar installation costs down, helping people who otherwise could not practically afford solar adopt it.

Because I am interested in renewable energy, I decided to participate in an orientation session training to install solar panels in Austin, TX. In the training session, I learned the basics of solar, electricity, and construction. I was excited to begin working on an actual job site. Our team was partnered with an Austin, TX solar company to work on a residential project for a local family. We were able to put into practice what we learned in our volunteer training sessions. Doing things like attaching racking, running conduit, hanging inverters, and mounting the solar panels, our volunteer efforts were key in getting the job done.

After talking to my solar installation supervisor, I found out that volunteering on solar projects is something more and more people are doing in the Austin, TX area. That is because people here are environmentally conscious and excited about doing something constructive for the community.

Volunteer work is about more than personal satisfaction. It is about working with other people who care about a common goal and helping each other to accomplish something worthwhile and tangible. Of course, the solar industry is booming with jobs that require practical skill so many volunteers are drawn to the practical experience they gain and the opportunity to apply it beyond these projects as well. Sometimes volunteering is the first step towards a solar energy career. In fact, my site supervisor was once a solar volunteer. Pretty cool!…

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Appreciate the Business of Limousine’s

limo companyAt one time or another, everyone has fantasized about owning their own business. Some people even take the leap and venture out on their own. As the statistics go, 80% of new business ventures fail within the first few years. However, there are those few that thrive. What separates those who succeed versus those who fail?

Many people fail because they try to reinvent the wheel. Other fail because they lack experience running the day-to-day operations necessary to sustain a business. Let’s take the limo business for example. If you wanted to start a limo rental company, would you take a job there beforehand to learn the business? Would you consider volunteering or interning at a limo company? If you answered “no” to either of those questions, then you are not really ready to strike out on your own.

To actually reap the benefits of owning a business, you need to get in the trenches, see behind the scenes and develop an appreciation for all aspect of the industry. In our limo example, it may be tempting for someone to open a limo business in Missouri with the belief that their company will be the go-to for the wealthy and elite in the Saint Louis area. However, do the wealthy and elite crowd in your area rent limos for special occasions? Knowing a detail as small as that is necessary to building a business that will last.

Whether you decide to open a limo rental business or something else entirely, volunteering or interning in the industry to increase your knowledge base would be your first savvy decision as a future business owner.

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Volunteering for Atlanta Hospice Care

Atlanta Ga hospice careVolunteering is one of those things that gives people a sense of accomplishment and pride. And it should! I have a long history of volunteering and my friend recently mentioned she was looking for new volunteer opportunities in the Atlanta area. She had already volunteered with homeless shelters, did food drives, etc., so, I told her about becoming a hospice volunteer in Atlanta. Because my grandfather was in hospice care earlier this year, I knew how much of a difference volunteers could make there. She wasn’t sure if it was a great opportunity because she’s never been a fan of hospitals and certainly was leery of visiting an end-of-life care facility. But, I told her there were a few ways she could get involved.

Become a Patient/Family Volunteer

This type of volunteer is the easiest and most commonly found one in a hospice facility. I told my friend that if she signed up to be a patient or family volunteer, she would do crossword puzzles, read with a patient, or simply take a walk around the facility with a patient. Because she was short of time, but wanted to help, I thought this was her best option. Also, I let her know that the time commitment doesn’t really matter with this type of volunteer service. What matters is being of service to a patient and their family.

Become a Bereavement Counselor

Also, I told her about the time I volunteered with Hospice Care Atlanta ( to provide support to the bereaved. I did so because I had experience with having a loved on in a long-term care facility and I know what it’s like to loses someone in that way. Some of the stuff I did included:

  • Bereavement group counseling and phone support—Because I have an MSW license, I was able to volunteer to lead a group and do phone counseling with family members who recently lost a loved one in hospice care. It was a much more involved process than doing the typical volunteer assignment, but so worth it.

Become an Administrative Volunteer

Now, I hate sitting in an office. But, my friend has been doing office work for years and this was right up her alley. She decided the best way to volunteer with a hospice care facility was to help in the office. Every office could use an extra set of hands for clerical help. She did everything from answering telephones and inputting data (consistent with HIPAA guidelines and restrictions), to filing, and general office assistance. In the end, she found her perfect way to give back. And that’s really all it’s about.…

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Boca Raton Surgeons Donate

Did you know that some plastic surgeons donate their expertise to patients with medical conditions requiring cosmetic surgery? The catch is that the procedure has to be a medical necessity and the person must be unable to afford the surgery. That’s what I discovered at this Boca Raton Cosmetic Surgery office. For most people, the cost of any medical procedure is out of reach without assistance. In many cases, a person can obtain insurance privately or through their employer to help cover medical costs. In other cases, state aid plans like Medicaid can close the gap for individuals who make less than a certain amount per year.

boca raton, FL cosmetic surgeryDonating cosmetic surgery is not big business. Why? Because even the most seemingly basic procedures cost can cost a small fortune. Even though it is not done often or advertised much, donating plastic surgery procedures is a way for surgeons to give back to those in their community who need it most. Some of the most common candidates for free plastic surgery include former abuse victims, children in need of corrective surgery, war veterans with combat injuries and more.

For the everyday person, no-cost cosmetic surgery is not an option. So instead of trying to scour Google to find ways to get cosmetic surgery for free, it’s best to start saving up to get exactly what you want at the price-point that will secure you a good doctor. There are many things to skimp on, but plastic surgery is not one of them.

Once you have secured your costs, schedule a consultation in your area to learn more about any hidden fees associated with the surgery that you may have missed during your initial research. Remember, cosmetic surgery is not covered by medical insurance (expect in the case of medical necessity, which varies by insurance) and is considered a luxury item paid for through discretionary income. The more knowledgeable and informed you are about pricing, the better the chances you’ll get access to a higher quality surgeon with established credentials. Of course, that usually means better results.


After it’s all said and done and you had a great experience, talk to your doctor about donating his or her services to a less fortunate person in true need of plastic surgery to enhance the quality of their lives. You will have not only gotten something valuable from the procedure, but potentially gifted someone else the chance to enjoy the same feeling…for free.

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5 Ways You Can Brighten Someone’s Day

Do you ever wish you can do something meaningful? That you might make world a better place?

Well, you are able to!

One of the simplest ways to making a huge difference in our world is simply by choosing a small action to help other people feel appreciated, accepted and valued.

Listed here are five ways for you to make world a much better place by brightening another person’s world today:


  1. Go out and visit somebody – In this digital world, its very easy to get caught up in our everyday devices. It was only 20 years ago that you actually had to go see someone or call them. No texting, Facebook, or Emails. It can make someone’s day to have a real life person visiting them, with no strings attached..just to say Hello!
  2. Have lunch with someone – Now a days people tend to have way too much pride and will never admit to feeling lonely, but it can be a lonely world. Technology has forced us to no longer require face-to-face contact. You could make someone’s day by inviting them out for a bite and keeping them as company. Try having a meal with someone a couple times a week.
  3. Share a story – In this vain world, we forget that our faith plays a major role in the happy and most successful times in our lives. Share that inspiration with someone else. You never know who might be in need of an encouraging motivational story.
  4. Offer Treats – Its the next best thing to receiving a gift, and we all know how much we love getting gifts. A small treat such as a piece of candy can shine a light so bright in a another person’s eyes. It gives a warm feeling to know that you were thought about in a caring manner.
  5. Help a person – There are a dozen ways to help another person out, and it doesn’t only need to be Christmas season to do it. Some might need food, other’s might need a little money. There aren’t enough people helping each other out and that kindness can go along way. Don’t do it expecting anything in return but do it for the goodness in your heart and knowing you might have been the deciding factor on a dire situation.

There are always people who need to have their day brightened up for whatever reason. Whether it be a neighbor, classmate or someone at your job. If you are in a position to be that person to brighten it up for them, then you’ll be glad you did and so will they!…

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