5 Ways You Can Brighten Someone’s Day

Do you ever wish you can do something meaningful? That you might make world a better place?

Well, you are able to!

One of the simplest ways to making a huge difference in our world is simply by choosing a small action to help other people feel appreciated, accepted and valued.

Listed here are five ways for you to make world a much better place by brightening another person’s world today:


  1. Go out and visit somebody – In this digital world, its very easy to get caught up in our everyday devices. It was only 20 years ago that you actually had to go see someone or call them. No texting, Facebook, or Emails. It can make someone’s day to have a real life person visiting them, with no strings attached..just to say Hello!
  2. Have lunch with someone – Now a days people tend to have way too much pride and will never admit to feeling lonely, but it can be a lonely world. Technology has forced us to no longer require face-to-face contact. You could make someone’s day by inviting them out for a bite and keeping them as company. Try having a meal with someone a couple times a week.
  3. Share a story – In this vain world, we forget that our faith plays a major role in the happy and most successful times in our lives. Share that inspiration with someone else. You never know who might be in need of an encouraging motivational story.
  4. Offer Treats – Its the next best thing to receiving a gift, and we all know how much we love getting gifts. A small treat such as a piece of candy can shine a light so bright in a another person’s eyes. It gives a warm feeling to know that you were thought about in a caring manner.
  5. Help a person – There are a dozen ways to help another person out, and it doesn’t only need to be Christmas season to do it. Some might need food, other’s might need a little money. There aren’t enough people helping each other out and that kindness can go along way. Don’t do it expecting anything in return but do it for the goodness in your heart and knowing you might have been the deciding factor on a dire situation.

There are always people who need to have their day brightened up for whatever reason. Whether it be a neighbor, classmate or someone at your job. If you are in a position to be that person to brighten it up for them, then you’ll be glad you did and so will they!